A Confession of Sorts

By Amy Wilson
Executive Director, The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta

I think a lot about whether what I am doing is urgent vs. important. Perhaps because balancing this is an ongoing challenge for me. It is interesting because I do not seem to have a problem with this in my personal life (I will leave the messy floor to take the kids to the park every single time!) Perhaps at work I feel the pressure of having more people relying on me and how the impacts of my prioritizing affect them.… Keep reading

Another Way of Engaging in Evaluation

By Angela Hill, Early Childhood Development Support Services

Looking back on my experience of EvalLab so far, I can’t help thinking of a concept from a book I wouldn’t have read without being a part of this group, Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed by Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman, and Michael Quinn Patton.… Keep reading

Looking Through a Different Lens

By Alexandra Frederickson, Land Stewardship Centre

Fundraising, mainly researching and applying to grants, is a significant part of my job. As such, I’m always interested in learning about – and effectively applying- evaluation methods and techniques. Evaluation is such an important aspect in grant writing but more importantly it demonstrates impact and helps tell the story of what your organization or project has achieved.… Keep reading

Why Do We Need An Eval Lab?

By Bethan Kingsley, Evaluation Capacity Network

With the increasing push for evaluation in the nonprofit sector, organizations face the difficult task of incorporating evaluation into their day-to-day work with only minimal resources to do so.

With limited time, evaluation can become a peripheral part of service and program delivery – a check on the funding checklist – rather than a tool of significant value for making improvements in environments of complexity.… Keep reading