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The Learning Journey

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Orientation & Context

Get familiar with the Eval Lab and start exploring the role of learning in your own context. 

Continuum of Collaboration  •  Purpose to Practice  •  Adaptive Cycles  •  Evaluation & Evaluative Thinking

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Complexity, Theories of Change & Logic Models

Explore the implications of learning within complex environments.

Attribution vs. Contribution  •  Systems Thinking  •  Theories of Change  •  Complexity

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Asking Questions & Gathering Information

Understand the art of asking good evaluative questions in order to collect valuable information.

Uses & Users  •  ORID  •  Evaluative Questions  • 
Forms of Evidence

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Data Collection & Sense-Making

Learn about data collection techniques, emergent strategy, and make sense of information gathered.

Strategic Planning  •  Design  •  Collecting Data  • 
Sense-Making & Analysis

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Session 5.png
Asking the Difficult Questions

Your opportunity to ask an expert your confounding questions while sharing your learning with others.

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Session 6.png
Celebrating the Learning

Showcase your learning with a presentation of your evaluation plans and your insights from the lab.

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