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Promoting Evaluative Thinking in Everyday Practice: Eval Lab 2.0

Eval Lab is back! And this time, the focus is on collaboratives. Eval Lab is a six-part series involving in-person learning focused on evaluation. Throughout a seven month period, participants have the opportunity to explore, test, and adapt evaluation-based concepts within their workplace contexts.

The goal is to explore how nonprofits can integrate evaluative thinking into their practices for improved learning and decision-making. Eval Lab will help demystify evaluation-related concepts and adapt them to fit the day-to-day learning associated with delivering services and programs.

"From what we saw throughout the six sessions, I think the main learning for participants was a complication of what had previously been accepted as uncomplicated; that is, using data to enhance our judgment through evaluative thinking, and getting used to the idea that we will never have any definitive answers." - Dr. Bethan Kingsley

Eval Lab facilitator Dr. Bethan Kingsley recently shared her reflections on last year's Eval Lab pilot with the Community-University Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families.

Read about what she's learned as they've turned the evaluation back onto the Eval Lab, what participants can expect from Eval Lab 2.0 this fall, and what it means that facilitators are seeking collaboratives for the next cohort.

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